The following online codes demonstrate some of the many options we offer. We offer a custom solution for all online codes, hence no two codes are alike visually or interactively. Our customers may choose the online options which best suit their needs.

Note that the interfaces match the customers' own web sites, thus making the transition to the online code from the municipal web site smoother for the public.

Special Features includes links to a sample of various options and features we offer.

Olympia, WA (multiple city documents included)

Berkeley, CA (custom interface with linked tabs to the city's website, and multiple search results options)

Phoenix, AZ
(large and complex)

Sitka, AK (red-lined compare versions, many additional options selected)

Flagstaff, AZ
(red-lined compare versions; see Ch. 3.10)

Grand Junction, CO
(custom interface, multiple documents, scope search)

Provo, UT
(custom interface, multiple documents, link to video)

Snohomish County, WA (custom interface, compare versions)

Torrance, CA
(custom interface, many online options)

Elk Grove, CA (custom interface)

Burien, WA
(linked/hover definitions)

Woodinville, WA
(alternate compare versions)

Monterey, CA
(custom interface, links to index, ordinance search)

Skamania County, WA
(our new standard, ADA compliant, frameless interface)

Bellingham, WA
(very custom interface)

Manitowoc, WI
(custom interface)

Menlo Park, CA
(custom interface)